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Kitchen & Bath Countertops

We Sell and Install Countertops. No Cabinet Purchase Required

Even if you are only looking for a new countertop, we can help. Shop at home. We sell Laminate, Granite, CaesarStone, Corian as well as Wood countertops for your kitchen or bath. We have such crazy good prices on durable natural granite countertops that it just might be worth upgrading your current laminate countertop. Contact us for a free estimate

Laminate Kitchen Countertops

From standard laminate patterns to higher end finishes such as FX180, HD Series and AEON. We can offer you whatever you wish. We will measure for you and will provide a quote before we leave. We can also include by request, removal and optional disposal of your old counter. Need a new sink, no problem and we will even look after the plumbing for you. Provide us with your new tap along with connection hoses at time of sink installation and we will also install it for you. Contact us for a free estimate

Natural Granite Stone Countertops Made Affordable. Our Best Value

Whatís our secret to such great granite countertop prices? Well if we told you it wouldnít be a secret! Letís just say you will be very happy with the price and the selection of our granite countertops . You can choose from any of our 16 medium grade sample offerings or if youíre picky (and thatís ok) we can arrange for you to visit the stone slab supplier to personally select your custom slab. Granite countertops cost a little bit more than a laminate countertop but the natural feel granite gives to your home is priceless and the added value it provides on home resale canít be overstated. Itís so much easier to sell a home that looks and feels strong and durable. Contact us for a free estimate

Solid Wood Countertops & Butcher Blocks

For those special applications where only wood will do. Every piece of wood like granite is unique, therefore no two wood countertops are the same. In designing your solid wood countertop, the wood and finish combinations are limitless. Whether it be a natural oil finished surface for food preparation or a dark stained wood with a high gloss lacquer finish for a bar top, all of your design and colour requirements can be met with a wood countertop. There is no set limit to the sizes or finishes with our wood countertops. Whatever your need may be from a hefty end grain butcher block to a unique shaped island top or a single piece 12 foot long countertop, we can provide you with what you are looking for. Though we most often use Ash, Oak, Maple, Cherry and Walnut for reasons of durability and beauty, almost any wood could be used. We offer three standard edge details at no additional cost. More detailed edges can be quoted by request.

CaesarStone Countertops

Manufactured using crushed and recast quartz, these solid man made countertops are preferred by many for their non porous attributes but cost considerably more than granite because of the additional cost of the man made slab manufacturing process. The slabs tend to be smaller than granite, thus cover less sq.ft and tend to cost more than a granite slab. However that said, itís not always about money, if itís within your budget parameters. CaesarStone offers solid patterns and unique bold colours that sometimes just canít be matched by using a granite stone for your countertop. Ultimately the material you choose for your countertop will depend greatly on your personal taste, past experience with other materials such as granite, as well as your kitchen design philosophy and preferences. If what you want is CaesarStone, well then weíve got it. Contact us for a free estimate

Corian Hard Surface Countertops

The original manufacturers of man made solid countertops. Corian is made by Dupont and has similar characteristics as described above. However being the first man made solid countertop surface on the market means as a consumer you have the privilege of paying more for this product. That said the finished quality of Corian countertops is superb. An approved certified installer is required for this product and thus quoting and installation for this product takes a little longer. If this is what you want we have the samples here ready for you to look at. Contact us for a free estimate