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All Doors Come With A Limited Lifetime Warranty

From economical to elegant and sophisticated, we can provide you with a quality door in any style or finish. We recommend selecting at least three doors you prefer. Write down the door numbers and also note the colours you like, based on any door. Then request a free home shopping consultation and via the online form submit your door choices. We will contact you to schedule an appointment and will bring with us the sample doors and colour chips you selected. If the sample door we have available does not match your colour preferences, we will even go as far as ordering just for you, an exact custom sample of your door prior to completion of order, to guarantee your complete satisfaction.


1) Initially, choose your doors based on the material and shape. Don't focus too heavily on colour. Colour is the easiest part to change

2) If price is the overriding critical factor in your choice keep in mind that solid wood doors will cost more than other doors. Remember we have several finishes to choose from and have numbered our doors to make it easier for you to select a style based on budget. Generally (but not always true) the lower the door number the more economical the door will be.