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While New Affordable Kitchens is not a flooring or lighting retailer we can bundle your kitchen flooring and kitchen lighting needs into one complete kitchen renovation package when you use our renovation support service to manage and contract your kitchen renovation project.

That said, New Affordable Kitchens does offer the SUPERION Countertop Lighting System which is a speciality under cabinet kitchen light system that we highly recommend and sell exclusively because it is unique in 5 ways:

  1. it is cool to the touch, but
  2. provides warm light to the eyes and here is the best part
  3. you will never have to change a bulb, as they will last 50,000 hours or about 6 years if you run them continuously 24/7.
  4. They can be controlled with a dimmer switch and
  5. they are extremely shallow and sit just a ¼” below the cabinet bottom when fastened.

To purchase please phone or e-mail. ( see our ad above)

Our suggested kitchen flooring & kitchen lighting retailers as well as electrical installers are advertised below and in the right column at the bottom. All companies listed below are in the local GTA area. They can help you with all your kitchen or bath lighting and flooring needs. In some cases the retailers offer installation or are electrical installers themselves and that may save you a little time.

Flooring: Hardwood, Tiles or Something Else?

What material should you use in your New Affordable Kitchen? Tile, hardwood or perhaps even Cork? Well that depends a lot on what you are trying to accomplish. I have lived in homes with both tile and wood in the kitchen and while I admire cork due to its unique look, warmth and it’s forgiving nature, my personal preference would probably lean towards hardwood because I just really like wood and it’s a lot easier to install at a reasonable price. That said, there is a growing trend in North America that may change my mind.

Heating your tile floors is a practice that has been around for centuries in Europe where it was more feasible to employ. In North America it really didn’t make any sense because of our different building methods. Enter the development of reliable electric floor heating. It took years to develop, but now that it exists it has steadily been growing in popularity. A must have in custom homes, especially bathrooms, the perception of electric floor heating is changing. It is now being used more and more in kitchens and entryways. After all who doesn’t like a warm floor under their feet on a cool day? Definitely something to consider when you’re deciding what to use on your new affordable kitchen floor.

The Importance Of Quality Lighting?

Good kitchen lighting is so critically important, especially in a newly renovated kitchen. Bright clean inviting light attracts us, probably because if you are like me, it’s a reminder of the appealing warm rays from the sun. Thus to me the colour of the light used in the kitchen is very important. It should be appealing and work in harmony with the materials in your new kitchen. For wood and most lacquer colours it has to be a warm light to create the right feel. Creating a warm brightness in your kitchen and placing those few key accents in the right places can be the difference between your new kitchen being “just nice” or “jaw droppingly beautiful”. That seemingly small difference can end up meaning thousands of extra dollars in your pocket when it comes time to sell your home.

My advice to anyone planning to renovate their kitchen is this. Don’t try to save money or skimp on your kitchen lighting, instead plan how you will light your new kitchen right from the beginning. Have your designer include a kitchen lighting plan with your cabinet layout or floor plan. If a lighting plan or kitchen design is not included with your cabinet purchase it may well be worth paying for one. New Affordable Kitchens includes kitchen lighting plans in all of our cabinet floor plans at no additional charge when requested or when you pay for a professional kitchen design.