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Cabinet Hardware - Handles & Pulls

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Handles and Pulls For Your Kitchen Cabinets

Custom Handles and Pulls are a way for you to express your personal taste and flare.

For your convenience we offer standard collections of cabinet handles and pulls as displayed below which are easily supplied on short notice. These standard cabinet hardware sets can be conveniently delivered with our $5000 kitchen specials or with our kitchen packages.

If the handle or pull you prefer is not part of our standard cabinet hardware selections then please feel free to search and shop our special order cabinet handle and pull selection. All special order handle and pulls can be ordered at the same time as your new kitchen cabinets, and doors so that everything is delivered to your home together at the same time.

Our Standard Collection of Cabinet Handles & Pulls

The following cabinet handles and pulls have been put together in sets that complement each other based on surface finish or colour and shapes. You can use the suggestions provided by picking your cabinet handles and pulls from the same set or you can mix and match as you wish or just pick one. If you would like to see an actual sample before you make your decision just let us know which one you would like to see and we will bring it with us when we come bye for our shop at home visit. For information about sizes and dimension please contact us

Collection A - Squares & Ridges


Collection B - Arches & Curves


Collection C - Square Rectangular Face Handles


Collection D - Weathered Nickel


Collection E - Oil Rubbed Bronze & Brass


Collection F - Stainless Steel Handles


Special Order Cabinet Hardware - Handles & Pulls

Please feel free to browse our selection of cabinet pulls and handles from these online catalogs:

If selecting from one of our online catalogs simply note the catalog name and the exact model number of the cabinet handle or pull you want or print the page ( 1 copy for us and 1 copy for yourself) for reference and share it with us when we come for your shop at home session or to provide a free estimate. You can also copy the Page URL address and send us the details via our contact page if you prefer.

If you have a very specific style of handle or pull in mind and would prefer to buy your own handles or pulls, we can certainly accommodate that. We will simply exclude the handles or pulls from your quote and order and you can then select whatever you prefer and simply install the cabinet handles and pulls yourself. If you prefer that New Affordable Kitchens install your cabinet hardware for you, just let us know during your shop at home session or when we come and quote your new kitchen and we will gladly include cabinet hardware installation with your quote and kitchen order.