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Sinks & Faucets

We Sell Kitchen and Specialty Bath Sinks & Faucets for Your Convenience

Buying a new kitchen sink or kitchen faucet when you are buying a new kitchen countertop is sort of a given. It makes a lot of sense to combine the purchase of both into one easy step. Why? Well it is both for convenience as well as manufacturing logistics. Most new solid stone countertops require a custom fitting undermount sink. By purchasing these items together time is saved because we have all the size specifications on hand that we need to start fabricating. All of our sinks are quoted with plumbing installation included when purchased together with a countertop.

We can include your sink and or faucet when estimating the cost of your new kitchen or new kitchen countertop. Just tell us what you want.

If you prefer to shop online for your sink you can try some of these recommended online retailers in the right column.